April’s Picks: October 2014

april picksOne of these days I’m going to be too damned tired, bored, busy, or infirm to continue Why It Matters. I’m going to run out of gas, hit the bricks, go out for milk and never come back. Or maybe I’ll just go batshit crazy and roam around the house in my nightshirt, accusing door knockers of being an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese….

When I think about that inevitable day I feel okay, because I know you’ll be in good hands. Annie will keep bringing you show coverage, even if it isn’t here, and the great April will still be around, turning you on to new music. Maybe I can even coax Robbo out of self-imposed exile to share more albums from his amazing collection.

I’d like to invite more music fans to start submitting work to Why It Matters, so if you’re interested in trying your hand at music writing let’s do this thing. Now take this schilling and buy me that prize goose in the window. God bless us, everyone!

Here’s April:

What,” BRONCHO (Just Enough Hip to Be a Woman). An upbeat track with subtle punk influences served up with a side of swagger and a sprinkling of irreverence.


I Don’t Want to Change You,” Damien Rice (My Favourite Faded Fantasy). “I’ve never been with anyone in the way I’ve been with you, but if a love is not for fun then it’s doomed.” Beautifully forlorn, Mr. Rice paints a story of a heart laid bear with Irish influenced string arrangements and poignant lyrics.


Eyes of the Muse,” King Tuff (Black Moon Spell). “Diamonds and dynamite in my mind shine electrified in the light.” Bright, spirited and lilting. This track is able to retain its raw edged Seventies guitar sound while still lending crisp production.


New Dorp, New York,” SBTRKT feat. Ezra Koenig(Wonder Where We Land). “I got a baseball bat, never hit home-runs.” A sonic feast, this track features a thick, incessant bass line. (According to Wikipedia, New Dorp is Anglicization of Nieuw Dorp, which is Dutch for ‘New Village’, which is a neighborhood in Staten Island).


Ash and Bone,” Magnolia Memoir (Pale Fire). “A house is not a home when you walk away and let it burn.” The brass and slow piano vibe at the beginning of this track compliment Mela Lee’s solemn vocals, but make no mistake; someone was pissed when they wrote this one.

Back to the Shack,” Weezer (Everything Will Be Alright). “We belong in the rock world. There is so much left to do.” Tight, heavy and gratuitous on the riffs, Rivers and the crew make us fall in love all over again.


13 (Under A Bad Sign),” Sloan (Commonwealth).” It’s hard luck, choosin the wrong side – 13: under a bad sign.” Driving and aggressive, this tune is unapologetically in your face (in the best possible way).


No Ladder,” Coves (Soft Friday). Ripe with psychedelic imagery, superb production keeps this tune grounded. (The “TOY REMIX” is definitely worth a listen to. It is a much thicker, fuzzed out sound, though no vocals.)

Had It All,” Allah-Las (Worship the Sun). “But it all ain’t really much when all you need, is the time to let your mind be relaxed and free.” A study in nineteen sixties submersion, this song oozes late summer – fleeting and reckless.


Another,” Greylag (Greylag). “Lay it on of me I want to forget about the angry words.”  A melding of acoustic and electric sounds this contemplative cut stands and delivers.


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