Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Door Songs (But Not Doors Songs)

door songsArnold Schwarzenneger slamming a door in my face is one of my favorite Hollywood stories, but it isn’t really that unusual. If the Arnolds of the world wasted their time on flunkies like me they wouldn’t have time to do anything else.

Besides, his housekeeper seemed to like him.

So here we are on New Year’s Eve, closing the door on 2014 and opening the one leading to 2015. How’s that for a segue into a playlist of songs about doors, but not songs by The Doors? Here we go:

“Behind the Locked Door,” George Harrison. An achingly beautiful cut from solo George.

“Big Door,” Gene Brown. I don’t know anything about Gene Brown, but this track from the That’ll Flat Get It! Vol. 5 rockabilly compilation is one of my favorites.

“Who’s Behind the Door?” Zebra. One of my favorite ’80s/MTV era AOR cuts. An outstanding climbing song, guaranteed to knock your painter cap right off your mullet.

“Knockin’ on Your Back Door,” Deep Purple. Another ’80s hard rock cut. As subtle as a punch in the face, but catchy as hell.

“Back Door Friend,” Lightnin’ Hopkins. There’s a great Jewel/Paula records CD box out there. Highly recommended.

“The Door is Always Open,” Waylon Jennings. There’s a lot to love about Waylon, but what always grabs is the clean sound of his chorus-soaked Telecaster. Or is that a flanger, or maybe a phaser? Damnit, Jim, I’m a writer, not a guitar tech.

“Banging the Door,” Public Image Ltd. From one of my favorite PiL albums, Flowers of Romance.

“I’m Gonna Knock on Your Door,” Eddie Hodges. Novelty gold, Jerry! Gold!


Heavens, there are many more musical doors to knock on, so lay them on me. I’m listening.



photo Tim Green / Flickr Creative Commons

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