Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Car Songs

chapter 205Los Angeles is a car town, and having my groovy little MG back felt good. Sure, it broke down if you looked at it, but it looked great and that’s all that matters in that vapid city.

Anyway, I’m really pinched for time this week, so let’s get to the car songs:

“Getaway Car,” Audioslave

“Long Line of Cars,” Cake

“Dali’s Car,” Captain Beefheart

“Always Crashing in the Same Car,” David Bowie

“No Cars Go,” Arcade Fire

“Let’s Build a Car,” Swell Maps

“Gimme the Car,” Violent Femmes

“I’m in Love With My Car,” Queen

“Open Car,” Porcupine Tree

“Car Jamming,” The Clash

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  1. Annnnnd, pretty much at least one cut on every Springsteen album from the ’70’s to early 80’s. There are a few deep cut “B” sides that I have from bootleg tapes many moons ago, but when he finally released his “B” side double album – – well, I’ve got nothing obscure.

    I was excited to put up Bowie’s off of “Low” – but of course you beat me to it. I used to drop acid with my girlfriend and we’d lie in bed and put the turntable on repeat, and blaze away all night, with “Low” as the soundtrack to our space travel hallucinations. Sorry, didn’t mean to tangent off of the Car Song subject, but……dammit, I thought I had one.

    Although, after seeing the photos of first your CD collection all arranged, then the vinyl – it’s doubtful I will ever have a Deep Cut that you don’t already have. I won’t stop trying, though.

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  2. and some classics…
    “Under My Wheels” – Alice Cooper
    “Drive My Car” – The Beatles
    “Brand New Cadillac” – The Clash
    “Detroit Rock City” – KISS
    “Terminus El Dorado” – Ted Nugent
    “Maybelline”, “Dear Dad” and “No Particular Place to Go” – Chuck Berry
    “409”, “Little Deuce Coupe”, “Fun, Fun, Fun” and 878 others by the Beach Boys

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