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Deep Cuts: Songs About Pictures (of You)

640px-Lilly_Langtry,_1885 Okay, so maybe the fact that I threw popcorn all over a theater didn’t endear me to the glitterati, but come on: I wasn’t going to get invited to more movie premieres anyway.

The important thing here is that I got a good anecdote out of it, and that’s more important to a writer than his or her dignity.

Or maybe the important thing here is that I was in the movies, or “the pictures” as some people chose to call them. Granted, I was barely in the industry, but at least I had my foot in the door. I was working on a big-time TV show, attending movie premieres — it was all quite exciting.

I think maybe pictures have lost some of their charm in the digital age, when even your toaster has a built in webcam and anybody can make a movie. We’re living in the age of the YouTube star, people.

Anyway, songs about pictures. Here we go:

(One last note: The photo accompanying this article is of Lillie Langtry, who’s been dead since 1929. How I cried that night….)

“Library Pictures,” Arctic Monkeys. I saw these guys open for the Black Keys a few years ago, and they won the night. I’m not sure Arctic Monkeys is the better band, but they’re the better band for a basketball arena.

“Pictures of You,” The Cure. If you don’t know this one by now; well, you have a big gap in your stacks. Stop whatever you’re doing and give it a listen.

“People Take Pictures of Each Other,” The Kinks. Of all of the British Invasion bands, the Kinks remain the most enigmatic. Unlike their peers, they peaked commercially and then entered a period of artistic brilliance that went almost completely unnoticed. The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society from 1968 might be the greatest album you’ve never heard.

“Pictures of Matchstick Men,” Camper Van Beethoven. You know them from “Take the Skinheads Bowling,” but this cover of the Status Quo classic is one of my favorite cuts from the Campers.

“Pictures of Success,” Rilo Kiley. Pretty cool cut from the now defunct Rilo Kiley.

“Pictures of Lily,” Pete Townshend. Scoop is the greatest Who album ever made, and it’s no more than a collection of Pete’s demos. Townshend followed it with two more collections. This ode to onanism is from the second release, Another Scoop.

“Picture This,” Beastie Boys. If you’re ever asked “What Beastie Boys song is most likely to be featured in a David Lynch movie,” this Hello Nasty track is the answer. You’re welcome.

“Every Picture Tells a Story,” Rod Stewart. Rod The Mod left the Faces for a solo career, but not quite. His solo debut is a Faces album in all but name, and it’s a damned good Faces album, too — mandatory listening, in fact.

Okay, peeps, I know you have some pictures in your albums. Let’s hear them — I’m listening.

photo public domain / Wikimedia Commons

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  1. That’s a tough one!

    “Painting A Picture” – Alice Cooper
    “Send Me A Picture” – Willie Nelson
    “Picture In A Frame” – Willie Nelson
    “A Picture Of Me Without You” – George Jones

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