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From the Stacks: The Bears, “Trust”

Bears Trust

Have you guessed why we’re looking at the sleeve of The Bears’ 1987 single, “Trust”?

You may have assumed that it’s due to the presence of Adrian Belew, one of David Bowie’s more interesting guitar foils, or perhaps you think it’s because Belew played with Frank Zappa. Maybe you know that the band’s first two albums were released on P.M.R.C., a subsidiary of one of my favorite labels, I.R.S. Records. Or maybe you think I want to expose you to a little slice of dated ’80s power pop with stunt guitar:

All of those things are true, but we’re really here for one reason: that picture sleeve, illustrated by the great Mort Drucker.

Drucker was one of the legends behind Mad magazines finest moments. His eye for caricature rivaled Jack Davis and Frank Frazetta, two other genius cartoonists whose work graced album covers.  When I saw this sleeve, my first thought was, “Why is Jonathan Winters playing with Adrian Belew?”

If you want to get a little Mort (and Belew) into your stacks, you shouldn’t have to pay much: The Bears’ records didn’t too well, which makes them kind of rare but also dollar bin candidates. If you don’t want to look for Bears in their natural habitat, you can pick this up for under 5 bucks online. Happy hunting.

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  1. Mort must have been prescient. I’m thinking his genius hit upon the next great sitcom starring (left to right) Andrew Lincoln (Rick – from The Walking Dead), Adam Sandler (from… everything in the 90’s), Kelsey Grammer (from something good, something not so), and Scott Caan (from the great Ocean’s to Danno).


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