On Diffuser: Worst to First – Every David Bowie Album Ranked

Bowie CDs

David Bowie released 27-30 official studio albums starting in 1967 and running through to 2016. Why the discrepancy? Well, it’s all a question of how you count them.

The oddballs include a five song EP from his appearance in Baal, his narration for Peter and the Wolf with Ormandy conducting, and The Buddha of Suburbia. Of the three, I included only the latter in my “Worst to First” ranking for Diffuser, so we’re looking at 28 albums here.

The biggest challenge for me was trying to assess his output from a perspective greater than my personal taste. Left to me, Low would be number one on this list, at least today. Ask me next week and who knows. That’s the thing with such a massive discography — there’s an album in there to match whatever mood I happen to be in.

Most Bowie fans would probably debate whether the top ten are correct, but I doubt there would be much argument about last place. Which Bowie album do you think is bringing up the rear? Made up your mind? Now go to Diffuser and see if you were right.

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