Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: More Bicycle Songs


I put together a playlist of bike songs a few years ago, so I guess this makes this week’s “Deep Cuts” a sequel.

My love of bicycles spans most of my lifetime. I took apart my first bike before I was even old enough for elementary school. It was some wreck my father brought home specifically for me to play with. He made me a little tool box, tossed the bike in the backyard, and I went to town, stripping it of everything but the crank. Building them took a few more years, but by the end of grade school I was fairly competent.

I honestly don’t know how many bikes I own right now. Off the top of my head I count nine that I could jump on right now, another two in the middle of restoration, and then I’m lost. My garage looks like a bike shop, which for some reason always makes my mailman laugh if I’m out there when he drops by.

Anyway, bike songs:

“Silver Machine,” Hawkwind.

“Rockin’ Bicycle,” Fats Domino.

“Cycling is Fun,” Shonen Knife.

“The Rider on the Wheel,” Nick Drake.

“Pedal Point Blues,” Charles Mingus.

“Daisy Bell,” Blur.

“Terry Keeps His Clips On,” Vivian Stanshall.

“Tour de France,” Kraftwerk.

“Slater,” Tyler the Creator.

So there you go, nine songs about cycling. Any of you fat bottomed girls want to tell me what I missed? I’m listening.

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