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Deep Cuts: More Dream Songs

This isn’t my first playlist of dream songs. I’m a little flaky on the topic of dreams. While I don’t buy into the kind of cookie cutter dream analysis found in books (“What does a turtle mean?”), I believe that some dreams are our subconscious’s attempt to help us solve a problem. Others are just our brains taking out the day’s garbage.

But what makes me flaky is this: Why do we dismiss what happens in dreams as “not real”? Everything that happens during our waking lives is experienced through our mind, after all–every sound, smell, taste, touch is just input processed by the gooey computer inside our skulls. That computer keeps processing experiences during the eight hours each night when we’re asleep. That’s one third of our lives that we’re dismissing as “not real” even though we’re still experiencing stuff. Crazy talk!

So if you’ve ever flown in a dream, I say count it. You’ve flown. Anyway, here are some more dream songs:

Crazy Dreams,” The Searchers.

“Let Me Dream If I Want To,” Mink DeVille.

“A House of Hopes and Dreams,” Peter Sinfield.

“Do You Dream?” Circus.

“Red Dream,” Conrad Schnitzler.

“How Can We Hang On To A Dream,” Tim Hardin.

“Teenage Dream,” T. Rex.

“Dream,” Little Free Rock.

There you have it: Eight more songs about dreams. What did I miss? I’m listening.

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  1. “In Dreams” – Roy Orbison
    “#9 Dream” – John Lennon
    “Daydream Believer” – The Monkees
    “All I Have to Do is Dream” – The Everly Brothers
    “Runnin’ Down a Dream” – Tom Petty
    “Dream Weaver” – Gary Wright
    “Don’t Dream It’s Over” – Crowded House
    “Dreaming” – Blondie
    “Dream On” – Aerosmith
    “Dreamer” – Supertramp


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