From the Stacks

From The Stacks: ‘Northern California Accordion Festival: August 1967’

Will I ever listen to this? Probably not, but this is the kind of record I can’t pass up. Wherever you call home has a rich (and probably long) musical history; in fact, some famous musician likely hails from within a hundred mile radius of your hometown. Where I grew up, the Marshall Tucker Band and Pink Anderson (the Pink in the name Pink Floyd) were our biggest claims to fame, but for many years now I’ve lived in Sacramento, California.

Now, Sacramento has its share of world class artists–Cake, Deftones, Tesla, Jackie Greene, Timothy B. Schmidt–but those big names represent just a small fraction of my adopted city’s musical history. That’s why I pick up any local recordings I find in the record store bins. Alone this album is just an unwanted recording of a long forgotten accordion festival, but put this record in the context of a Sacramento music collection and it becomes exponentially more important.

You’ll find records like this in your town’s record bins, yard sales, and charity shops for a buck or two. Most are gospel or school recordings, but now and then you’ll find some really interesting piece of local history like this Sacramento-based bootleg of Jimmy Page’s Lucifer Rising soundtrack. Happy hunting.

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