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From The Stacks: ‘The Beatles’ (“White Album” German Import)

Tell a “White Album” fan that you have a “top loader” and he or she might start salivating.What difference does it make whether the albums emerge from the side of the LP sleeve or the top? Well, none as far as the music goes, but “top loaders” are one of the hallmarks that identify a first pressing of The Beatles, aka “The White Album.”

This is not a first printing, but it’s still pretty cool. What you’re looking at is a German pressing from 1973. (You may not have guessed the year, but you probably picked up on the German based on the gold foil sticker on the album’s cover.) Some “White Album” fans claim that the mastering on this edition is far superior to the UK original, and that rather than its top loader sleeve is what makes it collectible.

You can expect to pay $40-50 for a copy in great condition, provided it still contains its original inserts. A copy like mine might only cost you a 20 dollar bill–not a bad price to experience all that top loading Beatles goodness. Happy hunting.


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  1. Found my German top loader in someone’s garbage pile ready to be picked up one Saturday morning in 1981. Still have it and it sounds great. Heavy vinyl. Cover is 0375089. I know there were 12 plants sharing numbers but still cool.

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