From the Stacks

From The Stacks: ‘A Child’s Garden of Grass (A Pre-Legalization Comedy)


A few albums serve only as time capsules. Sure, almost any record will take you back to a certain time and place, but that aside most still stand on their own musical merit. Saturday Night Fever, for example, is a fine listen regardless of whether one cares for disco, 1977, or the movie with which the soundtrack is associated.

But comedy and spoken word albums tend to remain stuck in time, and the more topical they are the more likely they are to remain artifacts of their era. Have you listened to a Cheech and Chong album lately? Dated. Funny, but dated.

So it goes with Jack S. Margolis’s A Child’s Garden of Grass (A Pre-Legalization Comedy), a companion to Margolis’s book of the same name. If you’re familiar with Monty Python or National Lampoon records then the album’s humor and production will feel familiar to you. Imagine putting on your gigantic headphones, dropping the needle, and looking at all of the naughty pot humor on the album cover while you listen to this:

I’m guessing that a lot of these gatefold album covers ended up pinned to bedroom walls, leaving parents frustrated, concerned, or pleased that little Johnny was getting into horticulture. Anyway, this one will probably cost you about ten bucks if you can find a copy. Happy hunting.

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