Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs For Sickness

Have you heard enough about COVID-19? Listen, I don’t blame you for being a little spooked. Some experts estimate that as much as 70% of the global population will contract COVID-19 by this time next year. That’s almost 5.4 billion people. If those particular experts are correct, you have a really good chance of contracting coronavirus.

On the other hand, the predicted mortality rate hangs around two percent. That’s still a lot of people–nearly 108 million–but you have to keep in mind that the elderly are most at risk of dying. Around 126 million of the world’s citizens are over 80. If you’re in this demographic you more than likely aren’t reading this playlist, but if you are take care of yourself. As for the rest of you? You’re very unlikely to be one of those estimated 108 million.

We’ve covered this territory before, but since coronavirus has infected the news cycle it seemed fitting to revisit the topic of songs about illness:


“Time To Get Ill,” Beastie Boys.

“Influenza,” Todd Rundgren.

“Dust Pneumonia Blues,” Woody Guthrie.

“Cancer,” Joe Jackson.

“AIDS & Armageddon,” Fishbone.

“Cough Syrup,” Butthole Surfers.

“Bad Case of Lovin’ You,” Moon Martin.

“Sick Things,” Alice Cooper.

There you have it: Eight songs to accompany your sniffles. What did I miss? I’m listening.



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